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Cancer at Malibu, California High School.

by admin - Oct 17, 2013 - 0

Cancer at Malibu, California High School.
Posted on October 16, 2013

Classes have been moved from Malibu High School to an adjoining school after twenty faculty members issued a letter to the school district saying that:
… three teachers had been recently diagnosed with stage 1 thyroid cancer, another three had thyroid problems, and seven suffered migraines. The letter also cited incidents of hair loss, rashes and bladder cancer.

“These teachers believe their health has been adversely affected as a result of working in our particular buildings at Malibu high school,” Katy Lapajne, a language arts teacher, wrote in the letter.
This school had soil contaminated by PCB’s removed in 2010. Testing for mold was conducted, and the school district declared “Tests show Malibu High mold not hazardous.” But the articles states that these a preliminary tests, and only some classrooms were tested for mold. And actually, the results showed the mold results “are similar to levels found outdoors with no unusual findings.” That begs the question of how high the mold levels are outdoors.
A day earlier, Sandra Lyon, the superintendent of the Santa Monica-Malibu unified school district, addressed the auditorium audience while media trucks waited outside. “You have heard serious and alarming allegations. These reports have mushroomed in our community.”

The school had begun testing for air and soil contamination last month, said Lyon. She apologised for not communicating that before the teachers’ letter forced the issue into the open, but said there was no evidence students were at risk. “We know they are safe, just as much as you know that your house is safe.”
Few seemed reassured. Questions rained down. Would inspectors test for radioactivity? Where was the mould? Was the water safe? Did inspectors have PhDs? How advanced were the cancer cases?

Several parents cited having children with cancer and other ailments, prompting Lucas, the mother of two students, to ask how many suffered migraines. The show of hands seemed to convince many of an epidemic.
Thyroid cancer and other thyroid diseases are caused by radioactive iodine. In fact, iodine-131 is used in thyroid ablation. This is used to destroy all remaining thyroid tissue for people who have had their thyroids completely removed due to thyroid cancer. “The purpose of Iodine-131 for thyroid ablation is to destroy all functioning thyroid tissue.”
Mangano and Sherman have found elevated levels of hypothyroidism among infants on the west coast after the meltdowns. High levels of iodine-131 in California kelp were also detected after Fuku.
Well, as documented here and at other sites, iodine-131 has been emitted from Fukushima Daiichi since March 2011, and it is continuing today. Hair loss and rashes are also a result of beta emitters like I-131.
Malibu High School is located one block from the Pacific Ocean.
People living within 20 kilometers of the coast are subject to breathing in sea spray. As related in a previous post,
Sea-to-land transfer has been observed and reported near the British Nuclear Fuels plc Sellafield Works, Cumbria, England, the Dounreay Nuclear Power Development Establishment, Caithness, Scotland and the reprocessing works at Cap de la Hague, Normandy, France. In Cumbria, where the effect has been most fully investigated, plutonium, americium and radiocaesium discharged to the Irish Sea from Sellafield have been observed many kilometres inland.
So plutonium, americium, and yes, cesium are found in sea spray which migrate 20 kilometers inland. This is bad news for people who live near the Pacific coast.
There is likely to be iodine-129 in the sea also, as 31 times more iodine-129 than iodine-131 was released from Fukushima. Iodine-129 has a half-life of 15 million years, so it is not going to decay away like I-131 did.
Of course, radioactive buckyballs are a problem too. These are geodesic dome-like configurations of uranium that have been produced at the plant, and travel on the surface of the ocean.
We have recently seen starfish turning to goo off the Atlantic coast of the US, the Pacific coast of Canada, and the Kamachatka Pacific coast of Russia. Also sea lions, sea urchins, sea snails, sockeye salmon, humpback whales, abalone, mussels, and coral reefs have all been affected. The sardine industry off Canada has completely collapsed. Not a single sardine was caught.
Now humans appear to be affected by the radioactive Pacific.
Also, I wanted to note that new data from Fukushima prefecture sludge shows that the amount of cesium has doubled in six months.



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